2023 New product launch multifunctional hydra facial machine

Recently, Foshan Qianweiya Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a new commercial beauty instrument. The initial design, development, and final product launch took many years. Our company is established in 2010 located in foshan city guangdong province, which is specializing in beauty and health equipment manufacturer, According to the product development team, this machine is a multi-functional beauty instrument, with three items of this machine of 10 in 1, 13 in 1, 14 in 1, This machine has many functions, such as Face rejuvenation, wrinkle removal, pigment removal, acne treatment, anti-aging,skin moisturizing, face lifting, nutrient import  dark circles removal, At the same time, compared to other machines on the market, this machine also has a certain degree of innovation,this machine of Multifunctional skin care system water oxygen meter can satisfy the customers different requirements,Provides non-invasive ,non-surgical procedure options, and A, B, C, D bottles, More convenient for save your time to change bottles constantly, the machine has 10.4 big screen, user-friendly interface, easy to operation.

After the launch of the product, it has been sought after by the vast number of beauty salons, beauty salon chains, and individual users, and the sales situation continues to rise. It is reported that the research, development and marketing of this beauty instrument aims to provide more professional, convenient and efficient beauty solutions for women users, and make more contributions to the innovative development of the beauty instrument industry.

Since entered the international market, our company has launched beauty equipment to all over the world  including southeast Asia, europe, the united states and the middle east etc., sincerely welcome customers home and abroad to negotiate business and establish friendly long term cooperation with us fight for the more beautiful world.

Our team consists of over 100 workers and 10 production lines. We have 50 electric screwdrivers, 50 electric irons for the manufacturing process. and 2 quality control lines in place to ensure that the products meet your high standards. Our factory monthly production capacity is around 10,000 units. Additionally, our team has over 12 years of experience in the industry, which demonstrates our expertise and knowledge in the field.

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Post time: Mar-24-2023