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Hydra Facial Machine is a professional beauty device with deep cleaning and moisturizing effects. It adopts super strong suction and professional skincare products, which can effectively clean the deep dirt, oil, blackheads, and keratin of the skin, while moisturizing and balancing oil and water balance.

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The functions of the Hydra Facial Machine include:

1. Deep cleaning: With super strong suction and professional cleaning formula, it can clean the dirt, oil, blackheads, and keratin in the deep layers of the skin, leaving the skin refreshing and clean.

2. Antioxidant: Using professional antioxidant formulas can effectively eliminate free radicals, resist oxidation, and prevent skin aging and damage.

3. Hydration and moisturizing: Adopting a professional hydration and moisturizing formula, it can deeply penetrate into the skin, repair skin moisture, and make the skin soft, smooth, and elastic.

4. Water locking and moisturizing: Adopting a professional water locking and moisturizing formula, it can form a protective film, effectively lock in moisture, continuously moisturize, and make the skin feel moisturized and tender.

Hydra Facial Machine is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It can be used in professional institutions such as beauty salons and SPAs, as well as in home style.



01 Injection

Moisturize the skin fade acne marks and purify dirty


02 PDT

Stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen


03 Spray

Inject deep into the skin layer through pores gain better absorption


04 Bio

Improve the eye fine lifting, bright and shine the eyes


05 Hydra

Suction more uniform, cleaner and more efficient


06-07 Ultrasonic

Heat preservation essence to improve dry skin moisture replenishment


08 Cold hammer

Calm and soothes promote circulation shrinks reduces darkcircles and bags under the eyes


09 Micro stylus

Let the nutrition of skin care products absorbed by subcutaneoustissue to improve skin


10 Scrubber

High- frequency vibration removes dead skin cleans skin, improves skin texture


11 High frequency

High frequency penetrating skin deodorization helps skin wounds heal spontaneously


12 Diamond dermabrasion

Use abrasive tipped wands &negative pressure to remove nonconductive dead cells from the stratum core


13 Vac

Accelerate skin tissue development, promote the production of collagen and elastin

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Product name : Hydra Facial Machine
Model VY-8051
Features Deep clean, double the absorption of nutrients, lighten dark circles, accelerate skin metabolism
Screen size 10.4 cm
Weight 45KG
Size 47*51*97cm
Voltage frequency 110-240v
Color Blue
OEM &ODM service Accepted


Product name Multifunctional facial water machine
Model VY-K003
Characteristic 13 IN 1
Screen size 10.4 INCH
 weight 30KG
Size 55*52*146CM
Packing weight 45KG
Packing size 97*47*51CM
Voltage  frequency 100-240V,50-60 HZ
Power 120W
Handles 9,10,13,14 


Aluminum alloy box; Strong and waterproof design; Protect product safety with care


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